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Coping With Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Arthritis has bothered you for years, but typically only in your knees on cold and wet days. Lately, you’ve noticed waking up with pain every

Panic Disorder

What Causes Panic Disorder?

You’re getting ready for your first day at a new job and, suddenly, you have a bout of anxiety and near-debilitating fear which lasts the

Chronic Pain

Coping With Chronic Pain

Learning to deal with pain, especially chronic pain, is never easy. What works for someone may not work for you, and not every strategy you

How Common Is Multiple Sclerosis?
Multiple Sclerosis

How Common Is Multiple Sclerosis?

People may develop many kinds of neurological disorders, some with symptoms more manageable than others. If you find yourself experiencing numbness in your limbs, dizziness,

PTSD & Risk of Heart Disease

PTSD & Risk of Heart Disease

You’ve suffered from occasional symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder for years, and now you’ve noticed you have minor chest pain and breathing problems. Are you

Bipolar Disorder

Supporting Someone With Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder affects millions of people, including adults and children. It’s non-discriminatory, meaning no one is safe from its corrosive grasp. The symptoms may creep

Person with a journal writing

What Is Depression Journaling?

If left untreated, even mild depression can lead to more severe physical and mental health problems. While some people are never treated, others look for

Therapy session patient and counselor
Chronic Pain

Supporting Someone with Chronic Pain

You had surgery for an ankle injury years ago, but something’s never felt right after you healed. Mild, random pain cropped up occasionally, but now