Ketamine is an FDA-approved anesthetic that has been in wide use around the world in operating rooms and trauma fields for nearly 60 years. Ketamine infusion has been studied as an alternative treatment used for refractory depression, chronic pain syndromes, post-traumatic stress disorder and many other conditions with great success.

Although Ketamine is FDA-approved its use in these conditions is “off-label” and it is currently not covered by insurance. while thousands of patients are having success with this treatment there is no guarantee implied or otherwise or relief of pain or depressive symptoms.

Some patients report feeling dizzy, getting a sensation of floating or flying, blurred vision, nausea and rarely hallucinations. We can treat or alleviate these side effects with medications such as Zofran or Versed.

Addiction has not been found when Ketamine is used in the dose given, treatment schedule and supervised medical setting consistent with Boise Ketamine Clinic practices. We work closely with your referring physician or mental health provider to monitor your treatment.

Uncontrolled high blood pressure and serious heart or lung problems would need to be disclosed to your Ketamine provider. You will fill out a health questionnaire and discuss your medical history and undergo a brief physical exam with your anesthetist.

A referral from your therapist, counselor, chronic pain, psychiatric or medical doctor is necessary and you will be required to maintain ongoing regular contact with them throughout your course of treatment. Self-referral will be considered with approval by a documented medical diagnosis.

You can contact Boise Ketamine Clinic through the “Contact” tab and we will email you the documents necessary to begin treatment. After we have the information needed to begin treatment we will contact you to set up an appointment.

Ketamine treatments are an “off-label” use of ketamine and as it is a relatively new therapy it is not currently covered by insurance.
CRPS/RSD: most patients require 5-10 sequential sessions which are done over a 5-15 day block.

Please contact Boise Ketamine Clinic either through our email,, by phone (208) 801-1414 or through the forms section on our website for pricing information.

Please note, this course of treatment IS elective, results are NOT guaranteed and you ARE required to maintain regular appointments with your mental health or pain management provider. Thousands and thousands of patients are finding relief with ketamine treatment.

The highest chances of success begin with a proper diagnosis, ongoing cooperation with your healthcare provider and completion of the initial six ketamine treatments. More than one series of treatments may be needed to achieve optimal results.

We accept cash, credit or debit card. We are under no obligation to pursue insurance coverage on your behalf and charge a $100 fee for any missed appointments. We will not accept personal checks. We reserve the right to refuse service based on our clinical impression.

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