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after about 10 years of fighting mental illnesses and finding nothing to help with my constant suicidal ideation, this clinic has changed my life. i can now feel things clearly and pinpoint exactly where my trauma comes from and work through it in a calm, peaceful environment with the most wonderful staff, especially marcela!! she is so caring and you can really tell she loves her job and loves her patients. nykol as the owner did a wonderful job at explaining everything about the experience at my first session. i’ve been coming here for over a year now and just getting boosters. if you’re ready to take control of your life and mental health, give this a try!!!
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Jill Uygun
This is the ultimate healing medicine. I believe everyone can benefit from this treatment so if you’re on the fence, get down from it so you can feel and think better. This is also the ultimate clinic to visit. It feels safe as everyone working there is lovely. Compassion is on the forefront of what they do.
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Sandy Ross
I've struggled with depression, anxiety, chronic pain, inflammation, perefirial neuropathy, umong other things... and this has helped me immensely. NOTE: this is not a one off cure... but this mixed with some therapy and counseling sessions I am off all my pain and depression meds and only take vitamins now. Staff and environment is fantastic. I would recommend to most people dealing with constant chronic depression and pain.
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Kyle Torrey
The staff here has been excellent. I have benefited greatly. I appreciate all the help and hope it has given me. Thank you all.
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Russell Hajek
Such an amazing experience. Truly helpful with my major depression disorder. Worth it.
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This place has truly changed my life. I was in a place of extreme physical and emotional pain when I first came here and thought there was no way out of it. No one was willing to help, and I was very lost. After completing my first 6 sessions I have finally understood for the first time true joy, serenity, and peace in my life. I worked through so many things in the rooms of this clinic and some were hard and some were easy but ALL I believe were necessary. Using their assessments my main problems have been improved by about 80% and that is something I never thought could exist. This is life changing, and if you ever wonder if this is the treatment for you, I strongly urge you to call and talk to them and invest in yourself. It’s worth every single penny. I will be back for as long as I live in Boise.
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Tyler Jenkins
Amazing! One piece of advice I wish I had given to me…. Make sure you ask for a nurse or aide that YOU ARE COMFORTABLE WITH!! Very important to have a connection while undergoing such an awakening experience. Thank you for your help and encouragement Mary 🙏
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If you’re second guessing on whether or not to try this, this is your sign to do it. It has helped me so much with my depression. I never thought I’d get to this point in my life where I’m happy to be alive. I have tried medication, counseling, etc for 9 years now and this clinic was what helped me the most. Mary helped with my infusion the other day and was amazing. Nykol is amazing as well and has a gift with helping people. I highly recommend going in and scheduling an appointment. You won’t regret it.
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Anna G.
Best thing I have ever done for myself. The environment is beautiful and the staff is amazing. They trust the process and truly want to help you. Nykol has a special gift doing this and it's really helping me. I have a TBI from a bad car accident and I'm finally getting great results. I thank God for the Boise Ketamine Clinic!!!
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Brandon Blocker
This is the best place to get Ketamine therapy in Boise! Your experience begins the moment you walk in the door… the home is quiet and serene, with comfortable furniture and comforts like tea provided for you. You enter into the cool and calm environment, and you are instantly put at ease. The staff greet you promptly and gently, and provide an air of relaxation from the moment you enter. There are several different rooms to experience, and each has their own flavor and viewpoints. Consistent throughout the experience, though, are comfortable chairs that recline, weighted blankets to ease anxiety, water, and soothing music. Some rooms have more light, while others are darker. I prefer the basement rooms as they are very dark and spacious, and feel almost womb-like and comforting. Nykol is the best possible provider for Ketamine therapy! She is an expert, but more than that, she is calm and patient, makes sure to answer all your questions, and remains there for you or out of your space, whichever you prefer. Her expertise sets you up quickly and thoroughly for your treatment, and she will help you choose the right scenario for your needs and goals. Nykol also gives you time to journal after your experience, or otherwise reflect on your thoughts and feelings, until you are ready to leave. She remains a presence there to assist as needed, and always remains calm and patient. In addition to setting the environment for your therapy, Nykol is a practiced medical professional that can answer all your questions and back up her statements with medical evidence. She is skilled with IV therapy and dosing, and is never flustered with questions or anxious patients. She works with you through your entire journey to make it all about you and your needs, and helps you achieve your goals. Finally, booking appointments is easy and simple, and the staff all communicate consistently and thoroughly. I am thankful that I found Nykol and her practice, and I recommend her practice to anyone thinking of Ketamine therapy.
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Jezmynne Amergin
I’m restraining myself from leaving too long of a review, while giving you the details you need. Firstly, Stephanie is the person you’ll likely encounter when calling. Maybe you’re searching for relief from general stressors all the way up to wanting major changes with substances. It’s a wide spectrum why people seek ketamine. But Stephanie will treat you with the dignity and respect you’ve probably not seen in a long while. This isn’t fake. She really cares about you. Next, your appointment. You may meet Nykol the owner along your journey. I absolutely loved my experiences with her. The warmth, knowledge and overall care she provides is almost indescribable. Ketamine is a serious solution to most who suffer from depression, anxiety, ptsd and other things. For me? I stopped smoking, reduced my alcohol to social and eliminated prescription drugs like those used for depression and anxiety which I was on for 18 years. My relationships with people I work with and my wife (who also did ketamine here) was dramatically improved. I found myself calmer, more coherent and receiving compliments that something “was different about me”. Not every experience is the same. Be aware of this. However, the staff at BKC really care and they’ll tailor a course designed for you. They’ll listen to you and meet you wherever you’re current situation is. My parting words - give at least 2 sessions and be open minded as much as you’re able to be. Surround yourself with positive people before and after ketamine and just watch what happens. Setting a few achievable goals is also recommended from my experience. Really set your sites on knowing you can do this- whatever your situation!!! Tell them you read their website, the reviews and believe in yourself more than anything. I believe in BKC and I believe it’s time you give them a try as well. ** im not a doctor. Im just a patient and you can verify I’ve been seen here. I can’t promise you’ll have the same outcomes as I have. But if you’ve suffered from the aforementioned and conventional treatments leave you wanting more, maybe it’s time for a consultation. It was the difference of existing vs living for me!
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Ty Jacobsen
I have struggled with depression & anxiety my whole life, as far back as I can remember. I have also sought mental health treatment & been prescribed pretty much every medication available. Things worsened for me when I was diagnosed with a chronic illness & I spiraled into unthinkable darkness. Boise Ketamine Clinic & everyone there, has had a hand in my still being on this earth. I am now medication free & schedule boosters when I start getting into a funk that I can’t seem to pull myself out of. BKC, Nykol, Sarah, & all the others (including their spouses that understand) have made a pivotal difference in the way I’m able to live life again.
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Ken & Jes Jackson
Top notch personnel with up to date training and diverse treatments all in a comfortable chic cottage setting! Rob and Nykol provided an expert wholistic service. I highly recommend this practice for anyone struggling with chronic pain, depression or ptsd.
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Mary W
I had learned about ketimine through a random YouTube video one day, I never saw a ending to my anxiety and depression, over the last 2 weeks my infusions with Nychol and 1 with Sara were Life changing and Mind opening, first of all these 2 Ladies I had experiences with made me feel more comfortable I have ever felt in my lifetime (I am/was a very unrelaxed, uncomfortable person). Dealing with anxiety is hard meeting/conversating people but Sara and Nychol made it easy. Second, after my 3rd infusion I started getting out of my house BY MYSELF, I got up and out of Bed finally and off my couch, out of my darknest place I have ever been. I am more then Thankful for this treatment. Thank you so much Nychol 🌼✌🏻
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How do I review a place and process, that for me, was life changing!! Not to mention Nykol, owner and other staff are amazingly precious, kind, professional, knowledgeable and understanding. I struggle with Seasonal Affect Disorder and need a ketamine booster around the winter holidays. For me, Ketamine keeps any suicidal ideations at bay and allows me to get out of bed daily and be there for my family:). Thank you Nykol and Boise Ketamine Clinic.
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Laura Peel

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