PTSD Treatment in Boise

Ketamine for PTSD in Boise is Giving New Hope To Many

Searching for new options for PTSD treatment in Boise? Boise Ketamine Clinic is leading the way in the treatment of PTSD for Boise residents. Our staff is fully committed to helping each of our patients find relief and live their best life. We offer Ketamine infusion therapy which has shown incredible results when other treatments have failed. We would like to invite you to learn more about the benefits of Ketamine infusion therapy and discover if you would be a good candidate for the treatment. Contact us today to set up a free phone consultation to learn more.

A Major Breakthrough for PTSD Treatment

About seventy percent of adults in the United States have experienced a traumatic event at some point in their lives. Of those people, twenty percent will go on to develop PTSD. Additionally, eight percent of Americans – that’s around 25 million people – have PTSD at any given time.

Ketamine, which some doctors are calling the biggest breakthrough in depression treatment in fifty years, is able to provide relief from the symptoms of PTSD within minutes, rather than the weeks a typical antidepressant may take.

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You deserve relief from your PTSD symptoms without any side effects or risk of addiction. Our team will work with you one-on-one to create a personalized plan that meets your needs and goals. Contact us today for more information about our ketamine treatment for PTSD in Boise or to schedule an appointment.

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