Ketamine Assisted Therapy

Marisa Radha Weppner

MA – KAT Facilitator

Marisa Radha Weppner (Radha) received her BA in Psychology from the University of South Florida in 2001, a Masters in Transpersonal Psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in 2007 and became a Certified Life Coach in 2014 through the Life Purpose Institute. She has been facilitating transformation and self-awakening for nearly 2 decades through a variety of settings including leading yoga and mindfulness classes, wellness and spiritual retreats, community organizing, guiding psychedelic journeys, and private coaching. She is a faculty member of Esalen Institute and the co-owner Source meditation | space in Boise, ID. 

At the Boise Ketamine Clinic Radha offers Ketamine-Assisted Therapy, Life Coaching, Prep and Integration Sessions. 

Much of her learning has come through her personal experiences with plant medicines, psychedelics and spiritual explorations. Merging ancient wisdom with direct experience, she creates a grounded, safe and expansive environment in which to explore one’s inner world. She has extensive experience working with groups and individuals to help them heal core wounds, release limiting beliefs and create a life of depth, meaning and purpose.

You can learn more about Radha through her podcast Love, Service, Wisdom.

At the Boise Ketamine Clinic Radha offers Ketamine-Assisted Therapy, Somatic Therapies, Life Coaching, Prep and Integration Sessions.

Watch The Short Video Below To Learn More About Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy And How It Works

Molly Downey

PA-C – Energy Practitioner and Intuitive

Molly has worked in modern medicine as a physician assistant since 2014.  Over the past decade, she moved from primary rural practice to specialty work involving sleep and addiction medicine. Her experience working with underserved populations was both rewarding and difficult. Although grateful for this experience, she began to feel limited in her capacity to truly help patients through the modern medical system. 

Simultaneously, Molly began to experience intuitive information during patient visits, feeling, hearing, or seeing information from the multi-sensory universe. This inspired her to learn more about this connection and take multiple courses to hone this incredible skill. After utilizing energy healing to cure herself of a chronic illness that was “incurable” by modern medical standards, she was inspired to offer this healing modality to patients. 

She practiced energy healing for several years before she officially opened Etheric Healing in 2022. This practice provides energy healing sessions to patients combined with medical intuition and psychic connection. It is her absolute joy to guide patients on a journey of healing and connection to the universe. Molly continues to practice as a physician assistant serving addiction, sleep, and mental health patients.  She also works through Etheric Healing online or in-person.  

If you would like more information about Molly or her energy sessions, please visit her website:

How Can Ketamine Assisted Therapy Help You?

For decades Ketamine Assisted Therapy (KAT) has proven to be a safe and highly effective modality for the relief of treatment-resistant depression, chronic pain, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, end of life care, suicidality, OCD, and a variety of other mental and physical disorders.

Ketamine is the only psychedelic that can be legally prescribed in the United States. The non-ordinary state of consciousness created by Ketamine offers a unique opportunity for healthy individuals to experience transpersonal states of consciousness, have psycho-spiritual breakthroughs, resolve limiting beliefs and unconscious patterns while discovering new perspectives for creative solutions.

Group KAT is a unique opportunity to:

  • Give + receive support
  • Understand you are not alone
  • Experience a safe environment to share your story
  • Gain mindfulness skills
  • Embody deeper dimensions of Self
  • A cost-effective approach to Ketamine Assisted Therapy

Group KAT

Each Group session will last approximately 2 hours, though the total recovery period may vary for each patient. The first 2 sessions will be at the BKC under the guidance of our facilitator. The last 2 Group sessions will be in-home on zoom and also facilitated.

The benefit of in-home KAT is that you may extend the length of the experience beyond the group session. Once we have completed 2 in-clinic sessions and 2 in-home sessions you will be able to create your own set and setting for personal in-home sessions.

We recommend every 2 to 3 weeks. You will also be given playlists, a Guide for In-Home KAT, a Mindfold, and anti-nausea medication.

Integrated Session: Ketamine + Energy Work

This integrative therapeutic session offers a combination of Ketamine therapy paired with energy healing for a unique and transformative experience. This type of session can be utilized by any patient, at any time. Patients that are new to Ketamine therapy as well as those who have had many sessions can equally benefit from this enhanced experience.

Energy work promotes deep relaxation and healthy flow of energy within the body, which allows the patient to more easily receive the healing that is being offered. Our energy practitioner, Molly, who is trained in both modern and alternative medicine, guides you through the experience.

Using her skills in energy medicine and intuition, she will connect with your energetic body and send light and healing energy to where it is needed most. This technique promotes a feeling of deep relaxation and peace within the patient which allows them to connect to their higher self.

From this safe and grounded space, they can begin the inner journey to self-healing.

What to Expect During Your Ketamine-Energy Session

After you schedule an appointment for a ketamine-energy session, Molly will work with you one-on-one to find healing and wholeness. She’ll gently guide you through three simple steps to dip your toe in the water of psychedelic medicine combined with energy work. 

  • Molly will map your energy and receive a sense of both your chakra and aura fields. Sharing your mental health, spiritual, and other struggles with Molly, she’ll compare what you shared with her energy findings, reviewing the correlation between the two. (60 minutes) 
  • The next step is to receive a safe ketamine dosage and relax on the patient beds provided at the clinic. Molly will use light touch to move energy across your body, similar to Reiki. She will connect to the multisensory universe for your guidance and relay any messages (60 minutes) 
  • Session complete. Molly ends with a peaceful grounding technique for reintegration. Experience the joy that comes with living in this present, awakened moment.

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