In 2017, Sarah started working with Nykol at the Boise Ketamine Clinic as a fulfilling addition to her work life. She’s seen BKC’s client’s lives changed by the process. So many people with chronic pain and mental health issues have had negative reactions in healthcare for a variety of reasons. Many have been marginalized by society and healthcare, pushed aside, told to “buck up,” been ignored or lost all hope that the burden of mental illness could be lifted or eased. After ketamine infusions, Sarah has seen people finally experience life without the smothering weight of PTSD, depression, anxiety and many other conditions. Her favorite part of working at BKC is seeing the hope return to her patient’s lives.

Sarah is born and raised Idahoan and grew up in a big family in southeastern Idaho. After attending Idaho State University, Sarah earned her bachelor’s degrees in Behavioral Science & Health and Nursing at the University of Utah. After nursing school she moved to Rochester, Minnesota and worked at Mayo Clinic. After a few years working as an ICU nurse she attended anesthesia school in Connecticut and became a nurse anesthetist. She worked in New England for a time but the pull to return home was always there. Her family returned to Idaho in 2013. When not at work, Sarah enjoys spends her time with family and friends or remodeling her house with her husband.