C. Skip Goddard works as a Clinical Professional Counselor and through nearly a decade of applied clinical experience with a specialization in the treatment of trauma, anxiety, and depression; he will be able to assist you in achieving your individual health goals and will help accommodate the greatest amount of growth through your treatment at BKC. Skip holds specific training in working with Non Ordinary States of Consciousness (NOSC) as a Transpersonal Psychotherapist, earning a Master of Arts in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology at Naropa University in Boulder, CO. He holds a professional affiliation with the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies or MAPS. Skip also currently holds a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor credentialing and is licensed through the state of Idaho. He is also a Nationally Certified Counselor.

Skip primarily uses a person centered, non-directive approach informed by Eastern Philosophy and mindfulness based on cognitive therapy. His goal is to provide you with a safe, warm, welcoming and gentle space to guide and support you as you engage in this powerful and sacred treatment option. Skip would like to extend his congratulations to anyone considering taking this step in working toward your peak mental, spiritual and holistic health and he would be honored to play a role in your journey.