Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

For decades Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) has proven to be a safe and highly effective modality for the relief of treatment-resistant depression, chronic pain, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, end of life care, suicidality, OCD, and a variety of other mental and physical disorders.

During a KAP session Dr. Mike will be present during the session to help guide you through the experience as you engage in the therapeutic process. While under the effects of Ketamine, you and Dr. Mike will explore some of the core wounds and limiting beliefs that hold you back from thriving while traveling the inner psychic space of your own consciousness.

During KAP sessions patients may experience relaxation and states of heightened awareness, mindfulness and self-acceptance, antidepressant effects, out-of-body and dissociative experiences, and potential increased insights about undesired behaviors.

Dr. Mike facilitates individual and group KAP, prep, and post-integrative sessions. His work integrates practices of loving awareness, self-love/compassion, and insight meditations with psychological interventions and consciousness sciences.

Michael Sapiro

PsyD – Clinical Psychologist

Michael is a clinical psychologist, Dharma teacher, writer, meditation researcher, and former Buddhist monk. He is on faculty at Esalen Institute, is a Fellow at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, and is completing a study on time travel, hope, and love with Dr. Julia Mossbridge of The Institute for Love and Time. Dr. Sapiro completed his postdoctoral fellowship in advanced psychology at the Boise VA Medical Center where he specialized in rural health, PTSD, and combat trauma. He is often on podcasts, and teaches nationally on the art and science of transformation, expanded human capabilities, psychedelic integration, self-care, and nondual meditation for personal and community growth. Dr. Sapiro is adjunct faculty for Psychedelic’s Today “Navigating Psychedelics for Clinicians and Therapists” training program.  

Michael’s work integrates practices of loving awareness, self-love/compassion, and insight meditations with psychology, noetic sciences, and social justice.  He is dedicated to personal awakening for the sake of collective and planetary transformation. He can be found at

At the Boise Ketamine Clinic Michael offers Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP), Transformational Coaching, and Psychedelic Specific Integrative Therapy. 

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